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The 3 R's for your Team

A custom branded e-commerce platform that helps your team stay connected to your brand. Fun, Fast and Easy access to branded merch. Focusing more on the value for you, as the client, the value, and benefit of having your team stay connected to the brand. Team cohesion, no one is left out, including employees working remotely.

1. Reward

2. Recognize

3. Retain

Custom Stores

✔ Fully customizable online stores.
✔ Homepage, product categories, and product pages for a retail experience.
✔ Loaded with features like permissions, budgets, and user accounts.
✔ A variety of store levels and add-ons available to meet your needs.
✔ Perfect for providing a centralized corporate ordering location.

*Normal set up ranging in the $1500 - $3000 range, set up is waived for implementation from July – September 2020.

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Company Store Showcase

A few of the brands we've built stores for.

Fulfillment Backend

How it all works behind the scenes - view video reel of our warehouse operations.


This program helps me to show my pride in our brand and stay connected with the company. I love the gratification of receiving my order on my front porch.
Allison Martin
I like the fact that it is straightforward to view and order our brand's merchandise. It is an easy and fast way to stay in the new.
Carlos Dixon


  • 1. Is my team tech savvy enough to order online?

    Yes, People are far more comfortable shopping online today. Looking at the results from a national survey, 85% of respondents reported that they had shopped in person at More than half of our respondents (54%) reported they had made purchases from “brands that were new to them” and that new brands accounted for more than 30% of their shopping carts at checkout.

  • 2. How does this help my brand?

    How do you make someone feel a part of the team when they have never actually met anyone in person? This is a tough question, but we’re taking steps to help make the experience as engaging as possible. Some things we’ve done are send new employees swag packages and full desk setups. We’ve also asked every crew member to update Slack to include a real picture — we usually go with fun ones like Arthur or Cookie Monster — so new crew members can put a face to the name.

  • 3. Will marketing approve an e-commerce store for the staff?

    They should! It is hard to imagine that in this day of influencer marketing and highly-paid brand ambassadors, companies overlook the fact that its employees are their most valuable brand advocates or potentially damaging detractors.


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