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Presenter Studios

In the age of COVID, no one can escape video conferencing. That's why here at Adform, we created Presenter Studios.



Quick Brief


In these times of a new normal, teams across the country have embraced virtual presentations/meetings as their primary method of connecting with their customers/prospects. This has created several unprecedented challenges for sales and marketing teams. Is your team be facing any of these challenges?
  • Poor quality/fuzzy video
  • Dimly lit room at home, resulting in a dark screen
  • Subpar microphone audio, background noise
At Adform, we believe virtual meetings should be as good as meeting someone in person. The main benefits of presentation kits for your sales team making them a worthwhile investment are as follows:
  • Brightly, well-lit video broadcasting
  • Clear audio sound without background noise
  • Minimal interruptions from friends and family
  • Better control over the home/office environment
  • Morale booster for your team, who will be able to present themselves more confidently.



The Essentials of a Presenter Studio

The next normal is here and at Adform, we believe virtual meetings should be as good as meeting someone in person.

1. Webcam


2. Ring Light


3. Microphone


4. Headphones


Get Started!


1. Build Your Kit

The adform creative team will work with you to build your custom studio kit tailored to your team's needs and requirements, whether it is a client meeting or a virtual presentation.

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2. Design and Production

Adform's design team will work with you to create a bespoke box with the messaging of your choice. Once everything is approved, we produce your order and fulfill it in our distribution center in Maryland.
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3. Install & Support

Once delivered, recipients will use the detailed step-by-step guide in the box to setup their studio. Our in-house customer service team is here to support and assist your team.
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